Nama: CNBLUE (Codename Blue / 씨엔 블루 / C.N. ブルー)
anggota (4): Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin
mantan anggota (1): Kwon Kwangjin
label: FNC Musik (Korea) / Ai Entertainment (Jepang)
jepang debut: 08.19.09
korea debut: 01.14.10



nama: Jung Yonghwa (정용화)
dob: 06.22.89 (age 20 / 21 in Korea)
position: leader, vocals, rap, guitar
height: 180 cm (5'11")
weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
blood type: A
hobbies: listening to music
specialties: playing the clarinet, beatbox
attraction: snaggle tooth (idek.)

- acts as Kang Shinwoo in the SBS drama, You're Beautiful
- MC in MBC's Sunday Sunday Night Hunters
- wrote the lyrics for Love Revolution and Just Please from their first mini-album, and Y, Why... from their second mini-album
- co-composed Just Please from their first mini-album
- possibly more lyric writing and composing in their third mini-album, but i have not seen scans nor do i have my copy yet.
- auditioned for FnC in his senior year of high school. originally from busan. (btw people the year was '07 if you're wondering.)
- he's also mentioned that technically his height is 179.2 cm. but he wears man heels. 'sall good.

- E. Emotional (외톨이야 teaser)
- You're Beautiful's Genie Parody
- he likes to make funky moves at the mic
- there's also a lot of predebut pictures of him. (more, but i don't have them saved.)
- just pickin mah nose.
- and to make up for that, glasses and ripped jeans.
- dude got muscle and nice legs.
- he is sorta a player ;D


name: Lee Jonghyun (이종현)
dob: 05.15.90 (age 19 / 20 in Korea)
position: vocals and guitar (and former leader. they probably changed it to yonghwa 'cuz he has more experience and publicity in korea. :<) height: 182 cm (6'0")
weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
blood type: O
hobbies: listening to music, sports
specialties: judo (HE KICKS ASS.)
attraction: chic smile (sobs.)

- co-composed Never Too Late from their second mini-album
- sang in Japanese for Voice from their second mini-album
- did all the vocals for their performances while Yonghwa was filming You're Beautiful
- also, according to their radio interview, he had a girlfriend before leaving for japan, but they broke up. ): (mc: say something to her, then / jonghyun: ... / yonghwa: wetoriya~)
- also from busan, like yonghwa.
- went to the national judo competition (yonghwa: and then he lost, so he started a career in music :D)
- "the nice kid who lives next door" in the band. idk, he sorta seems more appa-ish to me.
- he reminds me of kyuhyun and heechul in suju. my friend even went "oh look! super junior!" when she saw a picture of him at first. :'D
- for anyone who hasn't noticed yet, he has the deeper voice out of the two.

- B. Burning (외톨이야 teaser. also my personal favorite.)
- self-taken pictures !
- pretty in pink.
- on a date with kwangjin.
- acting sorta hungry. (and here, with more food.)
- how he looks like during recording.
- being a guitar geek with yonghwa.
- back in korea from japan.
- showing off his calves, bnr.
- and here, just because i'm biased. this and this and this and this and this and some more of this and did i mention this?


name: Kang Minhyuk (강민혁)
dob: 07.28.91 (age 18 / 19 in Korea)
position: DRUMS :D
height: 184 cm (6'0")
weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
blood type: A
hobbies: soccer, basketball
specialties: playing the flute
attraction: laughing eyes (see here. bnr.)

- he likes to do selca (see links below.)
- i also think he likes food (see links below.)
- claims to have joined fnc after seeing fti.
- he uses blue tape on his drumsticks :D idk, i find that cool.
- in the interview, he said his last girlfriend was in his first year of high school (for america, that's sophomore year.)
- from ilsan.

- L. Lovely (외톨이야 teaser)
- 100123 외톨이야 - MBC Music Core (because he's up front ;D)
- snacks, kimchi chigae,
- taking pictures of self. he does it right.
- pretty boy, pre-debut.
- he also uses hairclips 'n stuff.
- with elmo !
- reasons he steals away yonghwa's fans. (by that, i just mean three of my friends who converted from yonghwa to minhyuk.)
- nice legs are nice.
- he has that inner diva in him. leopard print, and pink drumset.
- (this one is like, my all-time favorite.) IN THE CASE OF HOT SUMMER CLUBBING NIGHTS, THIS T-SHIRT IS REMOVABLE.
- back from korea in december.


name: Lee Jungshin (이중신)
dob: 09.15.91 (age 18 / 19 in Korea)
position: bass
height: 186 cm (6'1")
weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
blood type: A
hobbies: listening to music (oh gee i didn't see that coming.)
specialties: rap, playing the bass
attraction: eyes (oh hey look it's normal.)

- joined as Kwangjin's replacement around the end of September '09
- he's really really fucking tall. sobs.
- he reminds me of w-inds.' chiba ryohei.
- lol they make him sound like a hobo. apparently jungshin used to do photo taking, then some scout found him in hongdae and dragged him back to the agency.
- he's a player. says he never has a relationship that lasts over roughly three months. what a guy.
- from ilsan.

- U. Untouchable (외톨이야 teaser)
- ramyun !
- woof woof.
- he seems to wear a hat a lot.
- practice, practice, moar practice.
- talk to the hand, betch.
- and during lives
- from the mv shoot, i think
- back from japan, in the airport
- and here he continues his photography endeavors with minhyuk as his model.


name: Kwon Kwangjin (권광진)
dob: 08.12.92 (age 17 / 18 in Korea)
position: bass and rap
height: 180 cm (5'11")
blood type: AB

- left the group for unknown reasons. there is no official statement. :k
- srsly he looks gorgeous with long hair
- i hope he re-debuts or smth.

- dorking.
- wid puddy tat.
- and onigiri.
- and elmo.
- he also has nice legs.

Nahhh.. itulah dr sederet tentang CNBlue.. mungkin karna bahasanya English jd susah buat dibaca.. tp maklum aja namanya Copas hehe.. aku itu males banget yg namanya ngetik sendiri huehehe.. *buka Aib*

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