Legendarily luxurious. The talented singer and “Strong Heart” MC reportedly recently moved in to Seoul’s famed Brown Stone Apartments with his family, and they are living large!

The apartment complex is known for its high price and exclusivity, which draws in the rich and famous by the truckload. Not only is Lee Seung Gi taking up residence, but Lee Hyori is reported to be moving in soon as well.
ealous yet? Some quick facts about the expensive apartments:

* Just a few of the complex’s special facilities: A golf driving range, fitness center and small concert event halls
* Sustaining the privacy of those who live there, a state-of-the-art security system, including underground parking with a special intercom system
* Close proximity to the affluent Gangnam district
* Large, open living space (and bathroom space) perfectly designed to match your drunken, partying needs

I don’t know about you, but this is sounding miles better than in living in a crowded dorm. Just reason 4785 of why I would never join an idol group (the pro list is a lot longer though, trust me).

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